Tree advice

Surgery elm trees The HagueTree advice  Duifhuizen is a small, independent company for professional tree surgery, advice and research. We work  throughout the country for embassies, municipalities, provincial and national government  bodies, landscaping- and tree care  companies, aswell as  private tree-  or estate owners.

If you suspect a problem with your trees, either above or underneath ground level, or you just want a quick safety check of your trees, contact us for an offer without engagements. All communication will be in english, including reports, if wanted or needed.

We also carry out tree hazard research, including picus tomography (scanning tree trunks to find cavities and rottings), visual tree assessments (VTA), tree effect analysis, value and damage assessments, management plans and soil research to find out the causes of growth decline or die back of your trees. We also do transplant research of your trees, recovery  and revitilization plans of lanes, forests or your entire estate and are able to conduct works in where trees are involved.

Tree advice Duifhuizen has extensive practical experience in trees, based on more than 13 years full time tree research, travels and work in 40 countries worldwide and a Bachelor degree in Forestry and Nature Management. A wide range of certificates and followed courses keeps us informed of recent developments in all aspects of trees. See or link us on LinkedIn. Or visit our Facebook page.

Tree advice Duifhuizen works throughout the country or even outside the country, but is based in Putten, right in de middle of Holland.  Contact us for more information or a free quotation.

Peter Duifhuizen, BSc, certified European Tree Technician